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From organic waste to bio-commodities is an event for testing the Omaidea platform to advance reduce and reuse organic waste.

Biowaste among the mixed waste is a significant problem nationally and locally. The organic waste not collected or processed properly is a source of methane emissions and complicates the waste incineration processes. Unsorted biowaste is a lost resource that could be utilised in local biogas production and soil conditioner products. On the other hand, climate benefits would also be achieved if food waste and thus the generation of bio-waste could be reduced. 

From November 9, 2020, the self-idea platform will tackle the challenge "From biowaste to commodities"

The challenge bundle "From organic waste to commodities" is activating residents and communities to sort biowaste in homes, workplaces and vacation homes and to reduce food waste. At the same time, the aim is to increase residents' awareness of the use of municipal biowaste, e.g. in the production of climate-friendly transport biogas. The challenge will be implemented e.g. through weekly questions and multi-channel communication including the social media. The biowaste challenge will continue until the end of the year.

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Start date November 09, 2020
End date December 31, 2020
Reference: omaidea-PART-2020-08-13


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